Change Universal Wireless Bluetooth Handsfree Headset Earphone

The search for the perfect pair of handsfree stereo earphones for your iPhone Lg has finally landed you where you belong—and that’s with the Change Universal Wireless Bluetooth Headset…Change Universal Wireless Bluetooth Handsfree Headset Earphone

Better Bluetooth connectivity with the handsfree Change Universal Wireless Bluetooth Headset

This wireless earphone headset employs the Bluetooth 2.1+  version which presents a couple of functional features for a better user experience in wireless connectivity via Bluetooth technology. This includes:

  • Bluetooth EDR – Enhanced Data Rate -A functionality that, as the name suggests, enables faster data transfers in the given Bluetooth connection between the paired devices.
  • Bluetooth SSP (Secure Simple Pairing) -This feature enhances the user experience in Bluetooth pairing by employing the use of reinforced security.
  • Bluetooth EIR  (Extended Inquiry Response) – This component facilitates for the inquiry and acquisition of additional pairing information to enable better filtration of devices prior to any pairing in a Bluetooth connection. It also utilizes lower power usage (especially for high power-consuming Bluetooth-enabled devices) for a longer serving battery charge or longer battery life.

For the handsfree Change Universal Bluetooth headset, the above technologies best suit it for a high battery-charge consuming phone such as the iPhone Lg while maintaining fast connection pairing and wireless data transfers via the Bluetooth 2.1+ generation.

Change Universal Wireless Bluetooth Handsfree Headset Earphone

Superior audio and voice enhancement to stream wireless sound and speech from your iPhone Lg

Having had your iPhone Lg, you need no introduction to the quality of sound played on your smartphone. It would beat all logic therefore, to lower that quality with a pair of substandard Bluetooth headphones which typically deliver poor stereo and stream audio with losses and noise.

For perfect audio coupling to your iPhone Lg, the Change Universal Wireless Bluetooth headset should be the handsfree earphones of choice for superior audio enhancement and sound delivery. To support this, the Bluetooth earphones use hi-tech codecs for audio compression which delivers noiseless audio and high quality stereo sound through wireless Bluetooth technology.

Furthermore, another key feature is echo cancellation which enables crystal clear voice transmission during phone calls and communication via the speaker and earpiece.

Make calls on your iPhone Lg via the Change Universal Wireless Bluetooth Handsfree Headset

You will enjoy making your calls wireless and handsfree via the Change Universal Bluetooth Headset earphones, quickly and conveniently. With great voice and speech capture from the microphone and unique sound and audio transmission through the earpiece, these headsets will be your ultimate companion and a must-have accessory for any iPhone Lg user.

Check out the following video on the Universal Wireless Bluetooth Handsfree Headset Earphone

Change Universal Bluetooth Headphones are unique in design and light on weight

For a good phone should be equally good (or just plain great) accessories and the Change Universal Wireless Headset are the best Bluetooth earphones to match your sleek iPhone Lg.

These stereo handsfree headsets are compact and lightweight, packing in a weight of 0.16 pounds which is carried in a sleek stylish design. They are also very wearable, even for day-long usage owing to the comfortable framework which is worn round your neck.

Universally compatible for many Bluetooth-enabled devices

Just as the name implies, the Change Universal Wireless Bluetooth Headphones are a handsfree accessory compatible with a whole range of Bluetooth-enabled devices, and not just the iPhone Lg.

Save for the MP3 players, you can pair them and stream music, phone calls, games and much much more with various other smartphones such as the Galaxy HTC, as well as video game consoles such as the PlayStation 3.

Get your Change Universal Wireless Bluetooth Handsfree Headset in black colored earphones or pink for those who prefer their earphones rosy.

Anticipated Albums of 2014

If you’re a music fanatic, there’s nothing like an all new music album from your favourite band or singer to get you rocking. We’ve made a list of a few better-known stars, said to be releasing their next albums this year. Get ready to put those headphones on and rock!

  • AdeleAdele – This Grammy and Oscar-winning British babe released her second album recently, and its massive success is said to be followed by the release of yet another one this year. Rumour has it that the star may have worked with producers Paul Epworth, William Orbit, and James Ford.
  • Lily Allen – Her last album ‘It’s Not Me, It’s You’ was released in 2009 and she took a big break thereafter to start a family. She is to release her third album this year, a first for new label Warner Bros. The album is expected to include her new singles “Hard Out Here” and “Air Balloon”.
  • Kelis – Kelis, Grammy-nominated singer and songwriter, will be releasing her sixth album titled ‘Food’ with a new label Ninja Tune. The title is inspired by her second career as a professionally trained chef. Her last album was released in 2010.
  • Rihanna – Thus far it has been customary for singing sensation Rihanna to release her music in November, but it seems that work on her still-untitled album had begun only recently. Her eighth album will however be released this year with DJ Mustard and David Guetta amongst its distinguished producers.
  • U2 – We haven’t heard from them in awhile but the band is expected to release their long-delayed 13th studio album in April this year. “Ordinary Love”, their soundtrack from the Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom won a Golden Globe and is now Oscar-nominated. The contents of U2’s new album remain a mystery, but we do know that they’ve been working with Danger Mouse,, RedOne, and David Guetta in recent times.
  • Kanye West – West wasted no time setting about his next album after he released his last ‘Yeezus’, in 2013. His seventh solo set, still untitled, is said to be produced by Rick Rubin and Q-Tip. News has it that the star had also teamed up with Adidas for a new clothing line to be released this year.
  • Pharrell – Producer Pharrell Williams intends to release a solo album this year, and it will be his first in eight years. His previous did not go down too well with critics but after his recent successes in the music business, it wouldn’t hurt to be a little optimistic. Pharrel received two Grammy nominations last year – as producer for Kendrick Lamar’s album, and as an artist and writer for the hits “Get Lucky” and “Blurred Lines”. A confirmed track so far is the Despicable Me 2 soundtrack “Happy”, released last year.
  • Nas – It has been two years since his last album Life Is Good (2012) and it seems the time is right for rapper extraordinaire Nas to release his 12th studio LP. The release will also see the end to his contract with Def Jam. According to the grapevine of the music world, Nas is also expected to have a special concert to celebrate the 20th anniversary of his classic Illmatic.